4 Tips to Fight Stress

shutterstock_27277195Yes, tomorrow is Tax Day… And if that’s news to you, well I’m sorry to create more stress in your life right now.  But regardless of whether your taxes are done or not, all of us are aware of stress.  In fact, a whopping 48% of Americans reported that stress keeps them up at night. Yikes!  That just doesn’t compute with getting up early to workout.  So what can you do about it?

1.  Be Mindful – Take time to be present during the day.  When you experience stress, stop and take a few deep breaths.  Let it pass through you rather than consume you.
2.  Laugh It Off – Laughter releases endorphins and tricks your nervous system into making you happy. For me that means DVR’ing Jimmy Fallon since clearly I’m in bed when he’s on TV.  But if he’s not your cup of tea, check out online comedic clips, rent a funny movie, keep a book around that makes you laugh. But find something/someone that makes you laugh and get a dose daily.

3.  Make Time to Exercise
 – Even if things ARE crazy and you don’t make your workout…you can still make exercise happen. A short walk around the office or simply standing up to stretch during a break at work can offer immediate relief in a stressful situation. 

4.  Eat Right
 – Stress levels and a proper diet are closely related.  And some foods, due to their antioxidant properties can actually reduce cortisol, your body’s stress hormone.  A diet high in fish and greens and low in sugar is your body’s best bet.  Skip the vending machine and go for a walk instead…

Go For Greatness!

In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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