5 Benefits of Yoga Inversions

Yoga Inversions

Many people make the mistake of thinking of yoga, and yoga inversions in particular, as a relaxation technique, failing to recognize that it has all manner of great health benefits, too. Even those who know little or nothing about yoga are aware that there are a number of different poses that are used. One of the most popular of those are yoga inversions, mainly because of all the health benefits that regularly come from performing them. Simply put, yoga inversions are positions that hold the heart higher than the head. As the name suggests, these positions require you to be inverted in one way or another, with the feeling being that yoga inversions give you a 

different perspective on your world, as well as those great health benefits outlined below.

1. Cardiovascular benefits of Yoga Inversions

Being in that inverted position allows for a fresh delivery of blood to the heart. It’s for this reason that many compare yoga inversions to aerobics in the way in which they both get the blood pumping. Spending all day on your feet can cause blood to saturate the lung tissues, so it stands to reason that yoga inversions would ventilate that area, which in turn can lead to healthier tissues. Finally, yoga inversions also deliver an increased blood flow to the head, which allows your heart to take a little break from working so hard.

2. Yoga Inversions and Back Relief

 Spending a ton of time on your feet can cause your spine to compress which, after years of that type of treatment, can lead to chronic pain that seems to come out of nowhere. release a great deal of the stress that is put on your spine, making it the perfect position for those that spend altogether too much time on their feet during the course of a day.

3. Yoga Inversions and Pain Reduction

It’s not really surprising to hear that athletes regularly practice yoga to help manage their pain. Yoga inversions aren’t just for overpaid athletes, though, and anyone who has a physically demanding job can benefit from using the technique. Yoga inversions improve the lymphatic system by removing toxins from the body at an accelerated rate, which in turn helps speed up the recovery of sore and aching muscles.

4. Prevent shrinking 

Have you ever wondered why older folks seem to be a little shorter than most? Some folks imagine it’s because they become more hunched over as they age, but the truth is that the average person can lose up to 2 inches in height thanks to thinning discs. Yoga inversions can help you maintain your original height by preventing that thinning of the discs.

5. Stress Relief and its relation to Yoga Inversions

Yoga inversions, like so many other yoga positions, have shown to really help relieve stress. We already spoke about how it works with muscle pain, but what many people don’t understand is that those aches are often brought on by stress, as well as physical labor. As you can clearly see, yoga inversions have a ton of great health benefits, making it a great position to be in.

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