5 Day Ab Challenge

lower-ab-workoutBeautiful defined abs are possible for anyone and at any age. For the next 7 days, you will be doing workouts designed to challenge you and your midsection. There’s more to creating toned and defined abs than crunches…a lot more, read on. After completion of this 7-day challenge, continue doing an ab routine 3 times weekly, with rest days in between.

For additional tips on uncovering those muscles and getting some kick butt gorgeous abs, follow these 7 recommendations:

1) Drink water throughout the day and always have some on hand when doing this challenge.
2) Eat smaller portions.
3) Eliminate refined sugar and white flour. Instead eat whole grains and foods that don’t have added sugar.
4) Avoid sodas…diet included.
5) Speed your metabolism by eating more often, 5-6 times each day. Remember, meals should not be the standard restaurant portions but rather mini meals. Eating on salad plates instead of dinner size plates is a good start.
6) Eat breakfast and you’re more likely to stick to a smaller portions throughout the day. Try the new Shakeology Recipes.
7) After this challenge has ended be sure to continue doing ab workouts three times weekly. 

Let’s get started! You will need water, a yoga mat, determination, and an agreement with yourself to see this through for the entire 7 days.  Some of the workouts will require either a workout partner to track your time or an Interval Timer… my favorite is the GymBoss.  You will find video demos for each workout, and be sure to watch each one to ensure that you’re using correct form.

Remember, you can split your workout if necessary…just be sure to complete the entire workout by the end of the day.

I’ll be posting workouts and instructional videos throughout the week.



In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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