5 Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

You don’t have to be someone that hits the gym every day or who works a physically demanding job to have experienced some level of muscle soreness. Any time you ask your body to perform a task that it’s not used to, you run the risk of walking away with some aches and pains. To make matters worse, muscle soreness often doesn’t start to show up until 24 hours after your physical exertion, which is usually long after people think they are going to walk away unscathed. If muscle pain has struck you and you don’t know what to do to make it stop, read on and discover 5 great tips that can bring you quick relief.

1. Massage – There may be no more relaxing way to relieve muscle soreness than opting to go for a massage. A professional masseuse can quickly spot the areas where your muscles feel tight and stressed. It’s almost easy to believe that they hold some sort of magic in their fingers, especially when you feel how quickly those aches and pains disappear under their skilled touch.

2. Hot and Cold – You have probably seen all manner of hot and cold packs and creams lining the shelves of your local pharmacy. Applying heat or cold to a sore muscle has always been a proven method of relieving muscle pain, but you can do the same job by simply hopping in the shower. A long soak in either hot or cold water can go a long way towards taking that muscle pain away. If you’ve been working hard, you are going to want to jump in the shower anyways, so use it to your advantage.

3. Epsom Salts – Soaking in the tub is another great way to relax after a hard day’s work, but you can actually make that soak even better by adding Epsom Salts into the equation. They have long been regarded as a very effective way to relieve muscle soreness quickly.

4. P90X Recovery Formula – If you haven’t already heard about P90X, it’s a fitness and weight loss program that is becoming incredibly popular because of the results it delivers in a relatively short period of time. A major component of the program is the P90X Recovery Formula which has been designed to get rid of muscle pain and help you get ready for the next stage of your workout. 

5. Foam Rollers – Massage is great, but an hour long session with a masseuse doesn’t always come cheap. Sure, you can ask your spouse to perform the massage, but they will not be able to deliver the same effect as a pro. One alternative to consider are foam rollers which actually knead and massage the muscles much in the same way that a masseuse does. The makers of P90X have actually developed a cool foam roller called a Rumble Roller – It comes in two sizes, small and large — To be honest, I have the small one and it works just fine — It contains little raised nubs that many people say feel like knuckles being pressed into the affected areas. Massage pros use that technique regularly, so it’s a great concept.  Here’s a video clip from P90X2 where Tony Horton is Demonstrating the Rumble Roller.

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