6 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

boost-your-metabolismWeight watchers and dieters try a great many things to lose or control weight. Some, like the Focus T25 exercise program or supplements like Shakeology work, but most things people try don’t. However, there is one method of maintaining a proper body fat ratio that works, and has been working for thousands of years. What works 99% of the time is to allow your body to regulate itself, which it was engineered to do since modern man first evolved.

For millennia, human beings have allowed their own metabolism to successfully maintain their bodies. It has only been in the past century that unhealthy eating has combined with sedentary lifestyles to cause obesity and diabetes to become epidemic in the USA. People now fight against their own body’s metabolism, overwhelming it with fatty, artery clogging foods while at the same time failing to allow the body to be rid of the surplus through calorie burning activity. It’s a totally unnatural state for the human body to be placed in. When food is abundant, the body reacts as it’s hardwired to do. It produces and stores fat for when it may be needed, like a long, cold winter. We’re mammals, and as such our bodies store energy in the form of fat to be used when food is scarce. Unable to determine that there no scarcity of food exists, the body continues to produce and store fat. Unfortunately, the rest of the body is not accustomed to having so much fatty tissue and cholesterol to contend with, so heart disease, diabetes and other blood and obesity related ailments develop.

The problem is self made, and the solution is within everyone to remedy it. Simply boost your metabolism and your body will put itself back in balance.

Boosting one’s metabolism is not a one-size-fits-all process. It actually depends on several factors. Some people inherit a high metabolism, others a slower one. Men tend to burn more calories than women, even while resting. And for most people, metabolism slows steadily after age 40. Age, gender and genetics are all outside each of our control, but there are ways to boost metabolisms to offset these factors.

The top 6 ways to boost your metabolism are:

1. Start each day off right by not skipping breakfast. Your metabolic rate throughout the day is not constant. It is in fact, cone shaped. It’s at its highest in the morning and declines gradually throughout the day. Many people skip breakfast, which is the completely backward approach. Although from a ìcalories in, calories outî perspective, skipping a meal would seem to further a weight loss goal, this approach has been proved to promote weight gain. The reality is, your metabolism is more able to burn off calories consumed at the start of a day than later on.

2. Eat protein. Our bodies release the hormone glucagon when dietary protein is eaten. Dietary protein is contained in egg whites, low fat cheese, lean meats, chicken, fish or protein powder. The glucagon hormone signals fat cells to release fat into the blood to be converted to energy to be burned by the body. In simple terms, eat more protein, burn more fat, lose weight.

3. Get enough sleep. Our bodies need sleep. In fact, without adequate sleep our minds and bodies will literally shut down. The body’s first reaction to prolonged lack of sleep is to slow the metabolism down while at the same time increase appetite. When you’re tired your brain assumes you need more energy, so your appetite is triggered. At the same time, your brain slows your metabolism to conserve energy. Obviously not a combination conducive to losing or controlling weight.

4. Get enough exercise. Exercise is the safest and most effective way to boost your metabolism, and the ideal exercise regime for doing so is anything that will get your heart pumping.  Programs like Focus T25, P90X, Walking, Running, etc.  are great examples.   Not only does exercise raise your metabolic rate, but exercise keeps your energy expenditure high during rest and recovery periods as well. This is known as your resting energy expenditure, and refers to the burning of energy your body does while at rest. The more fit a person is, the greater their “resting energy expenditure” is. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and get in a couple of strength training sessions each week. Soing so will keep your metabolism up.

5. Drink green tea because has many health benefits. It helps fight diseases such as cancers and heart disease, and promotes weight loss. Catechins, the antioxidants in green tea, reduce body weight by increasing fat burning. Green tea is also thought to lower blood sugars by inhibiting enzymes that allow the absorption of starches. Green tea may inhibit the absorption of fat from the intestine as well. Three or four cups each day, or a 300 to 400 mg capsule of green tea extract daily is enough to reap the maximum metabolism boost.

6. Drink coffee. Small amounts of caffeine have been proven to boost metabolism through stimulation of the central nervous system. A single cup of coffee is often enough to benefit from metabolic effects. But all things in moderation. Too much coffee can result in trouble sleeping, which is counter productive when trying to lose or regulate weight.

If your goal is to lose or control your weight, helping your own metabolism to do so is the safest, most assured way of gaining the results you want. Adopt a workout program such as Focus T25, get enough sleep, eat healthy and supplement your diet with healthy choices like Shakeology.  Shakeology is a daily nutritional drink that will help your body eliminate toxins while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients it needs.


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Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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