6 Ways to Spice Up your Healthy Eating Plan












I’ve had a couple good friends bring up a concern of  getting bored with the same healthy meals every day.   

I wanted to share some tips that I gave to them to help keep things FRESH without breaking the bank. 

1) FOCUS on One Meal at a time. Trying to address all of your meals at once can me overwhelming. Think about which meal are you struggling the most with in terms of variety. Speak with your coach and ask about helping you add 3-5 new healthy meals to your current rotation. 

2) EXPAND your “veggie vocabulary.” Try at least one new veggie a week and try different ways to make it. 

3) EXPLORE new herbs and seasonings. Start off small with simple seasoning Blends. You can find many in most of the beachbody meal plans. I also have some Pinterest links I can share with you.

4) TINKER with new cooking methods such as Cast Iron Cooking, Crock Pot, Grilling etc. Each of the new methods will give variation to the end result and may lead you to other insights that produce more healthy and flavorful results.

5) TAKE a healthy cooking class… You are just a google search away from engaging in face to face instruction with a local expert.

6) GIVE yourself permission to NOT LIKE something. You are not going to love everything you taste, and that is TOTALLY OK. Just make sure to always be on the lookout to expand your clean eating palette.

In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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