About Me

Men and my lovely ladiesSo, Who am I? Well, my name is Eric Hollingsworth. I am a 43 year old guy living in the foothills of North Carolina, just south of the Virginia Border. I’m a husband to a loving wife, a father to a beautiful daughter, and just a dog and white picket fence away from being as average of an American Family as you can get, lol.

Something incredible happened to my family a couple years ago. It made an immediate impact on just about every aspect of our lives — Our approach to Fitness, Nutrition, Finances, Love and Friendship has and will forever will be effected by this wonderful discovery. It’s the main reason why I’ve decided to create this blog page — I want to share my story and vision with you, and hopefully motivate you into action.

Cleveland Brown from the Family GuySo this dude approaches me in the locker room… and tries to sell me a Man Girdle. WTF??? So out of all the guys in the locker room, why the hell did he approach me? As soon as I got home, I took off my shirt, walked to the bathroom and saw this old fat man looking back at me. For the first time I noticed my hanging gut, my drooping man boobs, and sausage link back rolls. Holy Crap, I was turning into Cleveland Brown from the Family Guy!! How the heck did I not see this coming? Yeah, it sounds funny, but trust me, I wasn’t laughing at the time. My first thought was to shrug it off and accept the fact that I was getting older — It’s something that inevitably had to come sooner or later…. maybe the Man Girdle might help… Maybe it’s time to accept the fact that I need to buy new pants with a 48 waist size. I took a second look in the mirror, then glanced over at the picture of my wife and little one… they deserved better. I deserved better. It was at that moment that I started to realize just how bad I had let myself go.

My Before Picture10 years of poor eating habits and poor exercise finally caught up with me. Yeah, I occasionally went to the gym, but did NO cardio and only did a few bench presses and bicep curls. I finally admitted that I was in the worst shape of my life. None of my clothes fit, I had no Self Confidence, my Marriage was strained, and to top it all off, my doctor was getting concerned. During my last visit, we discussed placing me on prescription medication for high cholesterol and depression. I hated the person who I had become and was spiraling deeper into despair. I was definitely setting myself up for some serious issues that no Man Girdle would be able to cover up.

Working out with my Lovely Wife

My Wife and I decided to commit to P90X together, and never looked back since.

TIME FOR A CHANGE… My wife and daughter deserved much more than the image looking back at me. It was at that moment that I decided to commit to P90X. Thank God for my lovely wife. Not only did she support me, she actually did P90X with me.



Clean Eating

Our diet made a HUGE impact on our progress

It was NOT EASY. Yep, we struggled at times, but never gave up. Slowly but surely, our bodies started responding to all of the healthy choices we were making. We were getting Stronger, Leaner, and Healthier. We completed the program and never looked back!


WOW!!! That’s best only way I can describe it! When we reached the end of P90X, we felt AMAZING!! We we were looking forward to a change in our bodies, we were pleasantly surprised by this incredible shift in mindset.  I was no longer tired, I felt great about

Our first 5k Race!

We used INSANITY to train for this race…

myself and my marriage.   We suddenly had the energy and desire to DO THINGS and the WORLD OPENED UP to us! We entered our first 5k race, hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, met incredible new friends, and traveled all over the US.   


This is me explaining Beachbody to my neighbor.Paying it Forward… Now that we see just how incredibly wonderful a healthy lifestyle can be, we’ve decided to reach out to as many people as we can and help them experience the best possible versions of themselves. We are both Beachbody Coaches and are committed to helping as many people as we can.


Yours In Success,  




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