Canada Beachbody Coaching

Canada Beachbody Coaching is HERE!!!!   

Finally, after a long wait, Beachbody has announced that they will extend the U.S. Beachbody Coaching Opportunity to Canadian residents.   Read on for further deets!

Canada Beachbody Coaches 

Canada Beachbody Coaching FAQs

When will the Canada Beachbody Coaching Opportunity be available?

The Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity is just around the corner!   All Canadian citizens can to sign up for the U.S. Teambeachbody coaching pre-launch opportunity on October 1, 2012!!  Make sure to click the red links below and send me a note requesting to be added to the Canada Beachbody Coach email list.  I’ll send you a reminder note one day before 

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What do you mean when you say “PRE-LAUNCH” U.S. Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity?  Give me the Fine Print!!!

When you are talking about something this big, there will be some fine print details that you’ll need to be aware of.  Let’s go over them right now. 

During the Pre Launch phase, A Canadian Teambeachbody coach is pretty much just like a U.S. Teambeachbody Coach.  You will Canada Beachbody Coaching receive commission payments in USD and get United States tax documents for your coaching business.  

The Final Launch Phase of this opportunity is estimated to be implemented around mid 2013.  When this occurs, your U.S.Beachbody coaching Business will transition into a Canadian Beachbody Coaching Business — This means that you will receive Canadian currency, Canadian tax documentation, and a Beachbody distribution center dedicated to Canadian Coaches and customers.  Don’t worry, Beachbody is working hard to ensure that this transition will be as seamless as possible.    As your upline coach, I’ll be on top of this to ensure that I provide you with the latest news as it becomes available.  You won’t lose any customers or coaches when the full launch happens.

Will there be any limitations during the Pre Launch period?

In a word, yes, but to be honest, many US Coaches including myself don’t engage in of the practices that are are deemed temporarily off limits to you.  But, in the interest of full and complete disclosure, let’s go over some to the things you can’t do as a Canadian Beachbody Coach until we iron out all of the details in the Full Launch. 

  • You won’t be able to can’t buy any teambeachbody products and then re-sell them on the market.  Your customers will need to order through your teambeachbody site.  Again, that’s how I and mostly every coach I know does business, so this shouldn’t affect you.
  • No soliciting what so ever.  This means, no newspaper ads, etc.  However, you CAN do things like invite people to join challenge groups, fit clubs etc.  Again, this limitation will be be a big deal — remember, Beachbody is already doing the advertising for you!  As a Coach, it our job to help people get connected and reach their fitness goals.  So feel free to get people fired up and engaged.  Get them set up Challenge Groups,  help them reach their fitness and financial goals.  Be the difference!

Is it best to wait until the after the Canada Beachbody Coaching Pre Launch, to ensure that everything get sorted out?

Canada Beachbody CoachingI’m looking for builders — people who have a natural tendency to TAKE ACTION.   People who want to create a lasting impact against the obesity epidemic.  People who want to build a thriving business that helps others to reclaim their lives!

Right now, there are close to “90 Thousand” Beachbody coaches in the United States, and we are still growing like crazy!  Right now there are “0 (zero) Beachbody” coaches in Canada — the math is simple, the Canada Beachbody Coaching “Pre-Launch” is ground floor opportunity to tap into an untapped market!  

Why wait when you have the opportunity to become one of the Founding Canadian Members of one of the most popular fitness companies in the United States? 

Start to gather your team of coaches, so when I come to help train you and your team, we’ll have a large kickoff and Get Started off Right!

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Will Canada Beachbody Coaching be in competition with Retail Sellers?

So what about some of the Beachbody merchandise that is sold hrough retail outlets like Walmart?  These contracts will be slowly phased as the Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity spreads. 

Coaching is the foundation of Beachbody’s success — When someone is there to hold you accountable and motivate you to strive towards your full potential, it provides an ever lasting experience that will never be realized by the person who just purchased the program off of the shelf.  Additionally, the teambeachbody price of the merchandise will be less than retail in Canada.   This will give you, as a Canada Beachbody Coach, an additional competitive advantage so you over the Walmarts and similar retail establishments. 

Of course, when you sign up as a coach, I will follow up with you, introduce you into our team, and get you started off right with top notch training.  My goal is to place in in the best possible position for success as a Founding Canada Beachbody Coach. 

Remember, you can’t sign up until October 1st, so now is the time to do your homework so you’ll be ready to Take Action the moment it becomes available.   Click HERE to read up more about the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity.  

When Oct 1 Rolls around click this link—>   Canada Beachbody Coach to sign up.  Before that time, click the link below and I’ll send you a reminder letter.

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