Are Saunas Good For You?

sauna-inside-couple-930x523Ok, it’s time for me to face some hard cold facts.  I’m not as young as I used to be.  At 45, I’ve still got some gas in the tank (Heck, Tony Horton was in his mid 40s when he did P90X), but my joints and connective tissue are just not what they used to be.  PiYo has been a great way to give my joints a little reprieve from the usual pounding they get from programs like P90X, Insanity,  and T25, etc.  but there are some days when I need a little more.

In our current Team PiYo Fitness Challenge, my good friend Miko makes it a point to get in a good sauna session a few times a week.  This sparked my curiosity, so I googled the benefits of sauna.  To my surprise I found a lot of conflicting information.  For example, in the Harvard Health Publication, they concluded that “…All in all, saunas appear safe for the body, but there is little evidence that they have health benefits above and beyond relaxation and a feeling of well-being.”  However, in an article published by the University of Wisconsin, they concluded that ‘…using a sauna to induce sweating is actually a healthy way to lower blood pressure and relieve other medical problems.”   Additionally, “…It’s also effective at detoxifying the body of chemicals from pollutants in the atmosphere and earth, and it’s generally much safer than taking a lot of medications.”

So who do you believe?   

Here’s my take on it.  If it feels good, and there are possible benefits, you’ve got nothing to lose, right?  My friend Miko tends to agree.  When asked if Sauna Treatments were helping relieve her joint pain, this was her response”

“I’m really going to have to say in a nutshell, yes. But I could also say no, because they do not give the same immediate reward that as the joint sleeves I wear during workouts. The wearing of sleeves on joints just work in that they’re naked — they don’t have layers of muscle, fat and fascia covering them.  They tend to stay cold much longer than the rest of the body. For instance, after we finish our warm up and we think we’re ready to go, those knees, wrists, and elbows, maybe not! For sure, this makes a tremendous difference in decreasing pain, because joints work better warm.

Now, here’s how I say yes. Going to the sauna once a week for 25 minutes, that really is not going to help. Going 10 minutes a day, every day, is how that practice is going to help those joints. I’m saying if you go consistently, it will help. Perhaps others can testify to an immediate relief but not me.

There are multiple things going on with sauna use, such as the repair of surrounding tissues and muscle is happening at an increased rate. It’s a no-lose and all-win situation.”

If you have access to a sauna, before you try it out, make sure to check with your doctor.  In addition, read the warnings that should be posted just our side of the sauna entrance.  Once you are clear, go for it.  I’d love to hear what you think about it.

As always, I am always here to help.  I’m always running fitness challenge support groups, so click the link below for more info.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


PiYo.. Guy Tested, Dude Approved Day #4

Here’s a pretty cool Core Busting Move from PiYo’s “Define Upper Body” that I did this morning.


So far, the PiYo workouts are not Cray Cray hard like insanity. The true challenge lies in “actualizing” each movement. In your quest to perfectly nail each move, you will definitely strengthen and tone your entire core, arms, shoulders, etc.

Want to try PiYo with me? I’m starting a challenge group soon.

Click the photo below to learn more about this program.

Screenshot 2014-06-27 12.47.22



Chalene Johnson has a new Program coming out called PiYo!

Screenshot 2014-03-18 10.35.39So what exactly is PiYo?

 It’s a hybrid of both Pilates and Yoga with a sprinkle of Plyometrics and Cardio.  The fusion of these disciplines creates movements that are slightly faster paced and explosively energetic compared to Yoga or Pilates alone.  For example, PiYo blends the best of yoga’s traditional postures, such as  the plank and upward dog and fuses them with with hops and jumps from plyometrics and then throws in some cardio moves like jumping jacks…  Talk about a full-body workout!

 My wife and I had an opportunity to do a PiYo workout with Chalene Johnson last summer in Laguna Beach, CA.  It was amazing.  My wife really enjoyed it and was basically hooked after that.  She’s been anxiously awaiting the release of this workout.  

“PiYo gives you hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength—without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your body.” ~Chalene Johnson


How can I get the PiYo Workout?

It will be available in June os 2014.  Click HERE so receive up do date insider information as the launch date gets closer… PLUS you can check out the sizzle video right now!  This link will also assign me as your personally sponsored coach so we can work together to achieve your goals.


Oh Snap!! Hold up!

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Yes is a Four Letter Word

Too-much-stress1Are you stressed?  If so, it may be affecting your ability to reach your fat loss goals.

You see, there’s this powerful hormone in our body called cortisol – it’s known as “the stress hormone.” It’s a chemical our bodies release when we’re coping with different stressors. It creates a fight-or-flight response, which can ultimately signal our bodies to [Read more...]

What’s the best way to lose weight?

working-outThe best way to lose weight is to follow a solid training system that targets weight loss. A system takes into account your entire lifestyle, workout, diet, sleep, and supplements. Why? Because all of these things affect your body’s ability to change.

The key to weight loss is to change your metabolism. While it’s easier to [Read more...]

Cardio Doesn’t Build Muscle, Right?

This is a bit tricky to answer. Low-level, steady-state aerobic training will atrophy muscle, so it can be true. But “cardio” hasn’t meant aerobic zone training since Richard Simmons’ heyday in the 80s. Cardio is a catchall term for any training that elevates your heart rate for the entire workout.

These days, since almost all weight training is done circuit style, your heart rate remains elevated during both cardio and weight training workouts. Modern cardio training is almost always an offshoot of interval training, which means it’s a mix of aerobic and anaerobic training. And this builds muscle.

0709-a-wh-fitness-1847Probably the easiest example to help you understand this is to look at some of the Beachbody® Success Stories. Take a look at the results from INSANITY® and those from P90X®. INSANITY is a “cardio” program that uses no equipment. P90X, on the other hand, requires you to lift weights every other day. Yet, overall, the results you’ll see from the two programs are remarkably similar. People tend to both lose weight and gain muscle. Adding muscle increases your metabolism and that’s what helps you lose weight . . . as long as you’re not eating too much.  Now with that said, you’ll need to take into account your body type. Some people like me who are naturally skinny turn into a bean pole if committing to just a cardio regimen.  Others tend to bulk up rather quickly if just committing to an anaerobic regimen.   


Weight Training Will Make Ladies Bulk up like a Dude, Right?

1103-women-liftingGenerally Speaking, no.  

Gaining bulk is hard.  I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a hardcore gym rat who’s been lifting for months, desperate for a few pounds of lean muscle mass, blow his stack when he hears a woman say, “Weight training will make me bulky.”

It takes a ton of energy for your body to add muscle. During the initial stages of any kind of intense training, especially one you’re not used to, your body releases excess amounts of the hormone cortisol, which causes your body to retain water. Some people think this means they are bulking up when, in reality, it’s just the body adapting to the training. It happens whether you are trying to gain or lose weight and has nothing to do with gaining actual muscle mass. Once your body adapts to the new training, the cortisol release ceases and your body flushes the excess water.


Now that being said, everyone is unique.  Some people gain muscle quickly, while others are just naturally skinny.  Your Body Type plays a critical role in how your body will react.  This can easily be assessed.


21 Reasons to Join the 21 Day Fix


Need a reason to try Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix? How about 21 reasons? Using simple portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, The 21 Day Fix is designed for real people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle in the real world. Read on to learn why you don’t want to miss out on Beachbody’s newest program!

What is the 21 Day Fix?

 (Can’t see the video below?  REFRESH your browser)

21 Day Fix is the first Beachbody program to place equal emphasis on nutrition and exercise. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it was created with two main goals in mind: to help you lose weight and get fit—fast.

It that doesn’t hook you, we have 21 more reasons to love the newest addition to the Beachbody family:

21 Reasons to Join the 21 Day Fix

 1. Rapid Results in just three weeks - Let’s face it, Spring is just around the corner.  That first trip to the beach, that wedding that you’ve been invited to, Spring Break, that cruise that you booked…. are you going to be ready?  Who says you have to bust your butt all winter to get a bathing-suit-ready body? 21 Day Fix is designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days. Slim down and tone up in under a month!

2. No room for nonsense – The most simplistic Beachbody program ever, 21 Day Fix is designed for actual people who don’t have time for complicated food math, or lengthy exercise regimens. Using portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, this program is easy to get on and stay on—even after your 21 days!

3. Shakeology’s new best friend- Already a Shakeology lover? You don’t have to miss out on your daily dose of dense nutrition with this program. It’s integrated right into the meal plan!

4. Give calorie counting the boot – Say goodbye to the labors of counting calories. Complete with seven food-storage containers specifically designed to measure correct food portions, this program let’s you ditch the calculator so you can spend more time enjoying your food!

5. Save BIG on the Challenge Pack Promotion – Save $20 off your Challenge Pack when you buy in February. Our Challenge Pack is reduced from $160 to $140 and makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and your loved ones!

6. Eat what you want - Lose weight by eating the right serving sizes—not by eliminating your favorite foods. Finally, a fitness program where you can have your wine and chocolate, and eat it, too!

7. FREE shipping for the month of February (Base Kit) – Need we say more? Rescue your waistline and your pocketbook by taking advantage of this limited-time, free-shipping offer.

8. Easy-to-follow workouts – Fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese’s 30-minute, total-body workouts have no complicated dances moves or choreography, so people at any fitness level can start the program and wind up a workout champion! 

9. Modification for every move - Autumn’s workouts are designed to get your body moving while keeping you injury free. Whether you’re ready to push harder or need a modification, she provides the option you need so you get the workout you want.

10. No complicated recipes or weird food ingredients – 21 Day Fix is designed to help you make smarter choices about real food—none of that funky stuff you have to buy at a health food store. By eating your food in a smart way, you’ll set the routine for healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life.

11. A trainer you can relate to - A single mom, Autumn understands that real people don’t have time for complicated fitness and diet regimens. Workout with a trainer who understands what will work out for you.

12. All of these testimonials are amazing reasons:

    Chelsea O. – Lost 10 lbs. & 14 “Finishing the Fix, I don’t think I have ever felt this healthy, this strong, this accomplished in my entire life. I’m going to look my best on my wedding day and that is the biggest gift I could have ever received.”

13. Neil B. – Lost 11 lbs. & 9″ “I went from 168 to 157. To be able to do that in 21 days was amazing. I feel light. I feel fresh. I feel renewed. The 21 Day Fix, it’s my new secret weapon.”

14. Mary C. – Lost 64 lbs. & 57” “The way I look and the energy I have is just fantastic. I feel like I’m at least 20 years younger. It’s never too late to lose the weight. 21 Day Fix has definitely changed my life.”

15. Deon C – Lost 111 lbs. & 58” “After completing the 21 Day Fix and achieving my results, I will continue to do the 21 Day Fix for as long as I live. I’m not stopping. It changed my life. It saved my life.”

16. Beachbody Co-founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, even got amazing results! – Lost 12 lbs. “I was blown away at my 12-lb. weight loss and visible transformation in 21 days!”

17. Restaurant guide included – There’s no need to give up your social life in the name of weight loss. Using the 21 Day Fix Restaurant Guide, you’ll learn how to make smart choices while dining out with friends and family.

18. 21 days to a free t-shirt – Enter The Beachbody Challenge to get a free t-shirt and a chance to win up to $100,000! A shot at big money prizes and an ability to wear your hard-earned effort (literally) on your sleeve? Don’t pass this opportunity up.

19. Containers are perfect for meals on-the-go – Don’t let travel get in the way of your healthy eating. Your seven, perfectly portioned food containers are BPA free, DEHP free, top-rack dishwasher safe, and microwaveable, making them perfect to take to work or on your next vacation.

20. Keep cooking for your family – Unlike other diet plans that have you eating pre- packaged meals or unpalatable dishes, 21 Day Fix let’s you eat real food, including the recipes you cook for your family. As long as your portions fit in your containers, you can still enjoy chowing down with the people you love.

21. Stay on track with the post-FIX maintenance guide – The hardest part about getting fit is staying fit. With the 21 Day Fix maintenance guide, you’ll be able to keep those hard earned results long after bathing suit season is over.


21 Day Fix – Upper Body & Core Preview


The 21 Day Fix is the latest home based workout program that will be released by beachbody  on Feb 3rd.  

Here’s a peak at the Upper Body Circuit and Core workouts.  These are just one of some of the 30 min. workouts that you’ll be doing.  

(Can’t see the videos below?  Refresh your page)

3 Minute “Upper Body” Preview

GUYS:  Here’s a Tip, dont be afraid to use heavy weight when doing this.

3 Minute “Core Workout” Preview

Awesome!  How did you do?  Comment below and let me know how you did.

Click HERE if you’d like to register for our fitness support group that will be doing this program in February.

21 Day Fix – Russian Twist Challenge!



The 21 Day Fix is the latest home based workout program that will be released by beachbody  on Feb 3rd.  

Here’s a peak at some of the workouts that you’ll be doing.  (Can’t see the video below?  Refresh your page)


For more into click HERE.  My wife and I will be hosting a 21 day challenge starting Feb 10th.