6 Ways to Spice Up your Healthy Eating Plan


          I've had a couple good friends bring up a concern of  getting bored with the same healthy … [Read more...]

Southern Style Grilled Lamb Steaks with Kale and Sweet Potato Hash


Chicken, Fish, Beef, Rinse & Repeat.   Sound familiar?  If you need to try something new, give lamb a try.   I’ve had lamb in restaurants, but … [Read more...]

Your Customized Fitness Calendar

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If you have a Beachbody On Demand account, you have online access to just about all of Beachbody's Fitness programs!    That's GREAT but how do you … [Read more...]

3 Ways you Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight loss

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So, you are working hard on your weight loss goal, but just haven’t been seeing the results you want to see. Sound familiar?  Hey, I've been there … [Read more...]

How I plan to lower my Hypertension


I can’t lie… While I’ve been true to my workouts, I’ve been eating like crap and it’s definitely starting to show.   My wife and I are planning a … [Read more...]

P90 Unboxing and Day 1 Workout

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Here's the video of my LIVE P90 Unboxing broadcast .  I also tried out the Sculpt Workout from the Disc A.       Make sure to use … [Read more...]

Are Saunas Good For You?


Ok, it's time for me to face some hard cold facts.  I'm not as young as I used to be.  At 45, I've still got some gas in the tank (Heck, Tony Horton … [Read more...]

PiYo.. Guy Tested, Dude Approved Day #4


Here's a pretty cool Core Busting Move from PiYo's "Define Upper Body" that I did this morning.   So far, the PiYo workouts are not Cray Cray hard … [Read more...]