6 Ways to Spice Up your Healthy Eating Plan


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Old Fashioned Bean and Barley Soup

File Nov 28, 1 43 37 PM

This great tasting homemade soup is surprisingly easy to make.  Many thanks to the folks at Eating Well Magazine for sharing such a tasty recipe. … [Read more...]

Joye’s Super Awesome Healthy Pizza Recipe


Here’s a fun recipe from Joye, one of my superstar Co-Hosts in our online fitness Bootcamp. She stumbled upon this 21 day fix pizza recipe on … [Read more...]

Southern Style Grilled Lamb Steaks with Kale and Sweet Potato Hash


Chicken, Fish, Beef, Rinse & Repeat.   Sound familiar?  If you need to try something new, give lamb a try.   I’ve had lamb in restaurants, but … [Read more...]

Crab Claw Stuffed Avocado Recipe


I had a small salad for lunch but needed something to tie me over until dinner. This hit the spot! Crab Claw stuffed avocado with freshly squeezed … [Read more...]

21 Day Fix Breakfast Idea with Seasoned Butternut Squash Hash


21 Day Fix Breakfast Idea with Seasoned Butternut Squash Breakfast Hash atop a bed of sautéed kale, topped with 1 fried egg.  2 sausage patties … [Read more...]

Star Fruit.. Have you Tried it?


Today is DAY 2 of our "Expand Your Palette" Clean Eating Challenge.  My pck for the day was Star Fruit. Not sure what the heck in talking about? … [Read more...]

Add a little CHARD in your Life


For our 3 Day Clean Eating challenge, I've asked my peeps to expand their culinary palette by trying a new healthy dish.    Today, I'll be trying … [Read more...]

9 snacks to attack your salty, sweet, or crunchy cravings


Do you snack during the day? I’m definitely more of a grazer — eating a little lighter and more frequently throughout the day.  For body weight it … [Read more...]

Buy a Better Bread


Ugh.  The other day I went grocery shopping and I swear I spent 20 minutes in the bread aisle alone.  Picking out a decent bread can be a big … [Read more...]