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Beachbody Challenge Packs

The Complete Fitness/Nutrition/Support Kits

Each of the Challenge Packs listed below include the Fitness Program, One Month Shakeology HD (or Beachbody® Hardcore Base Shake with BODY BEAST), One-Month Beachbody Club Membership and FREE Shipping at a Bundle Discounted Price!




$305 Challenge Packs – SAVE $45.70

(Program, Shakeology, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING) 

$245 Challenge Packs – SAVE $42.85

(Program, Shakeology, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING) 

$220 Challenge Packs – SAVE $26.33

(Program, Beachbody® Hardcore Base Shake, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING)


$205 Challenge Packs – SAVE $44.69

(Program, Shakeology, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING)


$180 Challenge Packs – SAVE $26.33

(Program, Shakeology, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING)



$160 Challenge Packs – SAVE $25.75

(Program, Shakeology, 30 Day Trial of Club Membership, Free Shipping on EVERYTHING)




Common Q&A’s about joining a Beachbody Challenge Group:

What is the Beachbody Challenge?

A Challenge Group is a small, dedicated, and focused group of people with a common fitness goal.  It’s really quite simple when you think about it.  What it all comes down to is putting groups of 5 to 10 people together doing the same program, using the same supplements, and having them all stay accountable to each other, all while having me and my staff of coaches with you every step of the way throughout the duration of your program. (Depending on the fitness program that you’ve chosen, the challenge will run from 30-90 days).  We have an ongoing challenge group and add on a new team of challengers at the beginning of each month.  A coach from the Motivated Fitness Team will be assigned to that team and dedicate themselves to helping them with any questions, providing structure, and encouraging them to give 110%  The other coaches and participants in the group will be there to help as well.  

What makes Beachbody Challenge Groups so effective? 

Challenge Groups have been my most effective tool in getting people to commit to their long term health and fitness goals. It motivates people into ACTION — everyone taking part in it always tend to take their commitment to a higher level because they are part of something bigger than themselves.  

When you have a small group, communication is much easier, and you’re able to hold each other accountable, push each other, and offer support and encouragement to keep making positive steps towards your goal.

How do I join a Challenge Group?

Simple! Here is what you need prior to joining a Challenge Group:

  1. I need to be your Beachbody Coach
  2. You must commit to a Beachbody Fitness Program
  3. You must commit to drinking Shakeology everyday

#1: The first thing that you have to do is make me your coach if I’m not already. As you already know (or may not know I guess), it’s free to make me your coach (click here to make me you free coach). By making me your coach, you will have constant access to me for questions and support and I will be checking in daily with each challenge group.  

#2: Next, you have to be using Shakeology (or the Hard Core Base Shake for you Beast Bodies our there) and a Beachbody program like P90X, Insanity, or yes, even Turbofire for you women out there! The reason Shakeology is a requirement is because it’s a product that I’ve been using for over 2 years now, am 100% confident that works, and have recommended to literally everyone I know, including my friends and family. If you want to get the best results possible, you have to be using Shakeology as a meal replacement every day and combine it with a healthy diet and a workout program. I know for a fact that you will get results by doing all of these together because I have coached thousands of people over the course of 2 years, and the ones who have done this have gotten the best results!

#3: Beachbody just actually released new Challenge Packs that combine Shakeology, a workout program, and a free month’s Club Membership at a discount price for purchasing together. So, once you purchase a Challenge Pack or reach all the requirements to join a group, email me at and I will pair you with 4 other people who are going through the same program and have the same goals as you, create an exclusive team Facebook group, and then you will get started!

What will I need to do once I’m in a Challenge Group?

Once you are in the Challenge Group, the first thing that you will need to do is locate and read and LIKE the “10 Commitments”.  If you are on your desktop, do a search query and you’ll find it.  If not, get with one of the Coaches who will point you to the right direction.  S”hare your goals with everyone else in the group, including me. Once in the group, you will need to post daily that you’ve completed your workout, followed the diet, and ask any questions or provide support to the other group members. While going through your journey, you’re going to want to make sure you take progress photos every 30 days and post them in the group as well. If you are dong Insanity, you’ll want to post your Fit Tests so that I can create a progress chart for you.  This way you can show each other that you’re getting results and staying committed!  If you want, you can hold certain challenge within your group as well, such as who loses the most weight, most inches, shows greatest Fit Test performance increases, etc. during the 90 days.

Are there any prizes for being in a Challenge Group?

YES and they are BIG!!!   Beachbody will be giving away prizes up to $100,000 for those with the best results. This is REAL people.  When my wife and I went to Vegas, we met up with friends on Face Book who each on $10,000!!   (learn more about these prizes on the Beachbody Challenge site). 

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = RESULTS

The Beachbody Challenge Group has created the formula to help you realize RESULTS!  I’ve seen it happen time and again!   Unlimited support, constant encouragement, friendly competition, and some added prizes will motivate you to commit yourself for the entire 60/90 days and get into the best shape of your life. I can’t wait to help you guys reach your goals and again, I can’t tell you how PUMPED I am to get these groups rolling! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

TAKE ACTION NOW By purchasing one of the Challenge Packs above and then EMAIL ME contacting me to get you going!  or Facebook Me!