How to Switch Coaches to Eric


Now is the time to TAKE ACTION

You may have a coach and not even know it.  If you’ve purchased a product from Beachbody, the company will automatically assign you to a random coach.  If you have not heard from your coach, or think that I may be a better fit, it’s time to TAKE ACTION NOW and start making decisions that will move you closer to your goal. Take a look at the info below to make me your coach so we can start working together towards your fitness RESULTS.

Listed below is the exact EMAIL you will send to and/or to switch to have me as your Beachbody Coach.  Please, copy and paste the message and fill in your personal information as requested.

Your Email Should Look Like This:


SUBJECT:  Switch Coaches to Eric Hollingsworth

“My name is  _insert your name here_ , my Team Beachbody email is _insert your email here_.  I would like to transfer beachbody coaches to have ERIC HOLLINGSWORTH (, Coach ID# 290595.  

Please transfer all remunerations, success club points, and volume associated with my order number __insert your order number__ to coach ERIC HOLLINGSWORTH.

Please make the switch as soon as possible.  I request that you notify myself and Coach Eric when the transfer has successfully processed. 


Thank you!”