Inge’s P90X Protein Pancakes

P90X Protein Pancakes?

Ok they are not really “P90X” Protein Pancakes, but this delicious breakfast treat is deceivingly healthy and would definitely make the cut of the P90X nutrition guide.

p90x protein pancakesWhile I was browsing through Facebook today, I came across this photo uploaded by my friend, Inge.   When I first saw these pancakes, I thought to myself, “oh man, I’ll have to reserve this for my ‘Cheat Meal'”, but when she told me the recipe, I was all smiles.  Check out these amazing ingredients!

Serving Size: 3 small P90X Protein Pancakes 

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal,
  • 3 egg whites,
  • splash of almond milk,
  • 1 scoop (whey isolate) vanilla protein powder
  • a dash of cinnamon,
  • tabl flax seed powder

She blended this wonderful concoction in her magic bullet. Placed them on a hot skillet (I’d use coconut oil to grease the pan)
Then topped with fruit and walnuts

OK let’s check out the nutritional value of these P90X Protein Pancakes:

Inge's P90X Protein Pancakes

I know, you are probably thinking, wow, that’s a lot of calories for just three pancakes — think again my friend.   Let’s compare these to 3 buttermilk pancakes.  I chose Bob Evans because I’m from Ohio and grew up on these.  As you will see from the info below, the Buttermilk pancakes have almost double the calories and less then half the protein!!


Inge's P90X Protein Pancakes

Again, Nothing against my dear old Bob Evan’s buttermilk pancakes, it’s just that when you are trying to zone into your nutrition, and you just can’t get the thought of pancakes out of your mind, I’d definitely give the protein pancakes a try.

** A quick note:  You can’t have Inge’s P90X Protein Pancakes without Syrup! Right? Be careful.  The imitation (colored corn syrup) can have up to 200 calories in just four tablespoons.  Here are some healthy alternatives to try:  Agave, Natural Maple Syrup, etc.


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