How to Inspire Greatness



A very close friend of mine was recently killed in an auto accident this week.  


His capacity to inspire and motivate others through Love is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about what I do as Beachbody Coach.


The last time I saw Todd, we were giving each other high fives as we walked across the stage in Vegas to receive an award…. That was just a few weeks ago which makes this so unreal.


ShaunT, the creator of fitness programs such as Insanity and T25,  posted a moving statement on his blog yesterday that I want to share with you.  
“…I’ll leave you with this: People often wonder how to measure greatness…but I think the real question should be, ‘How do you inspire greatness?’ Todd showed us how… Be kind to people, make a difference, smile at strangers…love hard and with all your heart.


I trust and believe in the POWER of your GREATNESS! So go out there each day and LIVE with every bone in your body, share YOUR greatness with the world, and MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO BE BETTER!”
Something good must come out of this tragedy.  My personal challenge is to increase my capacity to Live, Love, and to Give.  This is what Todd would have wanted.


RIP my friend, Love you man.


In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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