My Journey with Prostate Cancer Week 3

File Jan 09, 4 15 28 PMWeek 3 has been an amazingly wonderful week, full of Good News and Victory.  

My doctor advised that the surgery was a complete success and gave me an exceptional prognosis. 

The pathology report revealed that the cancer was fully contained in the prostate.   More importantly, it confirmed that the cancer was non aggressive as per the Gleason 6 reading.  This means that while the chance of a reoccurrence is there, it is very low.

A good person in one of my support groups advised that it’s best to measure your progress week to week, in lieu of day to day.  That is SO AMAZINGLY TRUE.  Have patience, know that you are going to have daily ups and downs, but you ARE getting stronger over time.  



During the first two weeks, the pain and incontinence would keep me up at night, but this week, I slept like a baby just about every day.  🙂  

Core Strength:
My core is getting stronger week by week.  I can actually run up the steps now.  The doc has cleared me to do more next week so starting next Friday I plan to start a Beachbody Tai Cheng workout for a couple weeks.  This is an excellent beginners workout that works great on my balance, core, and strength.  

My appetite is pretty much back to normal!!  

Nutrition:  “SuperLife“:
Here’s an interesting note.  My PSA was taken again on Dec 12th, just before my surgery — the reading was a 2.99 which was down from the 4.48 reading in August.   Each PSA reading since August has actually gone down and I attribute this to my new approach to nutrition based on this Superlife Book by Darin Olien.  Here’s the approach in a nutshell from the book.  “Aim for a daily diet made up mostly of fresh, whole veggies, fruits, beans, buts seeds, and healthy fats.  Meat should be an occasional meal at most and from creatures that are organically grown and humanely raised, fish should be wild caught.”

While the Incontinence is getting better, I have to make lifestyle changes to manage it as my bladder heals.   I definitely need to watch what I drink before I go out to run errands.  I also don’t drink more than 8oz every 2 hours and have to make sure that there is a restroom near by.  I’m still wearing “Mampers”  (Pampers for a Man, LOL) and go through about 1-2 pads a day which is down from 3-4 a day just a couple weeks ago.

The distention in my abdomen has gone down a bit, but it still remains an issue.  Also, everything in my gut cavity is “Loose in the Cage”.  It almost feels like my guts are joshing around when I move fast.  I’m sure that will continue to dissipate over time.

My surgical incisions continue to heal well. My pain is all but gone.  It only hurts when I laugh… literally.  I have to hold my stomach 

I had a follow up session with an ED Nurse specialist last week.  He provided a comprehensive recovery program involving pills, a penile pump, and “injections!”  More on that in the weeks to come.  My surgeon advised that both my ED and Incontinence will continue to improve with time and rest.  

I am encouraged.  

In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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