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One of the greatest things about being being a Beachbody Coach is that you are able to help people see things in themselves that they may have never contemplated before.  Sometimes all is takes is a simple suggestion or a bit of encouragement to totally change another person’s life.  Such was the case of my friend Matt.  

I met him about a year ago while doing a 10 mile hiking up Grandfather Mountain.  He was a average size guy who never really worked out, but man oh man, this guy could hike!!!   Grandfather Mountain is host to the second tallest mountain peak east of the Mississippi.  The trail that we did literally wend straight up for about 10 miles.  

For someone who never really worked out before, Matt literally blazed up the mountain that day.  When we reached the mountain summit, I told him that he was a naturally fit guy and should definitely try Insanity.  That small bit of encouragement to Matt helped to spark a life changing journey for him.  Click the link below to listen to listen more about his incredible story.  




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