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P90X Photo Tips – As soon as I bring this up to someone who is just beginning their P90X journey, they start to cringe!

P90X Photo TipsHey, I totally understand.  As uncomfortable as it may be at first, you’ve got to take pictures of yourself… and LOTS of them throughout your fitness journey!  While body measurements, and numbers are nice, nothing will better represent your total body transformation than a before and after Photo. 

Don’t worry, there is no expectation to share these pictures with anyone, they are strictly for you… but trust me, by the end of the program, you’ll want to show them off to everyone you see!!

So, how do you get the very BEST pics possible?   Before we break down the P90X Photo Tips, let me tell you where I found most of my information.  Chuck Brown of Chuck Brown Photography and Natalie Franke, of Natalie Franke Photography graciously gave me a few moments of their time to share some lesser known tips to get you started off right.   These exceptional photographers both agree that a photograph, when done correctly, will capture the rewards of all the sweat equity you’ve invested! 

P90X Photo Tips Part 1

  • Mirror:  Practice your poses in the mirror prior to the shot and if possible, have a mirror in the vicinity that you can see but will not be captured by the camera.
  • Light Exercise:  Lift some weights right before the pics!  A few pushups/pull-ups followed by some abdominal work will definitely give you a nice pump. 
  • Lighting:  You want a light source directly overhead or to the side, which will cast shadows to accentuate the contours of your muscles.  The best light source for me are my overhead fluorescent lights.   That’s why so many of my shots were taken in the kitchen.. LOL   Make sure that it is a broad overhead light source.  Another option is to take it outside, preferably in the morning or at sundown when the sun casts long shadows.  You can find some very cool angles that will really accentuate the curvature of your body.
  • Professional Lighting:  Now if you really want professional looking shots, you might want to consider going buying a Photo Studio Single Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit — They usually run for as low as $40.00.  This will give you the optimal lighting and flexibility needed to find that perfect angle.  Yeah, it may sound like overkill, but for those of you looking to showcase your results for other endeavors (Beachbody Coaching, Body Building Competitions, etc.) this might be a good option for you.
  • Angle: Be sure the camera shoots the photo from about your mid-section (not looking way up at you or way down at you.  Ladies, if your husband is much taller than you, have him squat down to take the photo from a better angle compared to you).
  • Assistant:  If possible, have someone take the picture of you.  You will be able to devote 100% of ourself to getting the perfect pose.  
  • Posing:  Experiment by taking some poses of your favorite yoga-X or Kenpo-X move.  Try some with your muscles fully engaged with some dumbbells or resistance bands.  Hey, get creative!  You never know…
  • Video Shots: If you have a video camera along with a decent video editor, this will work out very nicely.  Video tape yourself flexing and then upload it to your video editor.  You can then review and extract the frame that captured the best photo of you.  
  • Tan:   For some of you who have light complexion, you might want to get a little sun so that it will show off your body better.
  • Professional Photographer:  To really take it to the highest level, solicit the services of a professional photographer such as my friends below.  This will be a lifetime transformation, why not spurge a little?   

P90X Photo Tips – Part 2

Here is a helpful video that talks about different poses, backgrounds, equipment etc.  The only thing I disagree with is their suggestion to use a “real” camera over a phone.   This video was made well before some some of the advances that have been made with smart phones, so don’t sweat this too much.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPZxFX4beoE?rel=0]

How serious are you about reaching your goals?  Do you just Kinda want it, or are you willing to do all the things that will add up to your ultimate success?  This is a crucial part of your fitness journey and you only get ONE SHOT to document of this life changing moments in your life.  I cant wait to see your results!



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  1. Hey, great post! Lots of useful information here that I can use for me before and after pics! Thanks

  2. My first photos were pretty bad. I will have to use these tips to make them better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Post Eric! Lot’s of Information here and I like the part about how everyone should take them even if no one else ever sees them!

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, many of my friends are initially hesitant about taking their before pics, so letting them know that it can be for their eyes only gives them reassurance.

  4. Awesome tips Eric! It is nice to have such great tips! Thanks for the information!

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