Why You Should Consider P90


tony-horton-new-workout-p90I’ve got some pretty awesome news to share with you.  Guess what’s coming out later this month?  Tony Horton’s newest program, P90, will be released on the 23rd and I wanted you to be one of the first to know!
What is P90?
P90 is a revisit and overhaul of the original program that started it all, Power 90 — This is what preceeded P90X.  Up to this point, I recommended Power 90 for people who were just starting their fitness journey and not yeat ready or willing to attempt an “exreme fitness” program like P90X.  The only problem is that while Power 90 was a great program, it was a bit out dated — I’m talking 13 years ago!  That’s a lifetime in the fitness industry.

So why am I planning to do P90?
P90 will help me maintain my current level of fitness and reduce the likelihood of injury so that I can fully enjoy my other fitness activities — I love PiYo, Kayaking, Mountain Hiking! 

Check out this video that explains it all. Simply click on the pic to start watching.

And check out these amazing P90 results.

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Want to be one of the first to buy P90 and join me in my upcoming Challenge?
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