The POWER of Positive Connection

It’s so awesome tUntitled design-21o know that when you open yourself up to God’s Grace, He is steadily working behind the scenes, creating favorable circumstances and bringing the right people into your life well to overcome any circumstance that may come your way. 

Around this time last year, my mentor and good friend, Coach Caterina Passarelli bought me this amazing book entitled ‪#‎Superlife‬as a “just because” gift (she’s such an amazing giver). I added the to my long list of personal development and placed it on my shelf. Later in the year when I found out about the possibility of having cancer, the doctors were worried about my “PSA” count in my blood. PSA is basically a measurement which indicates the probability and aggressiveness of prostate cancer. Anything over a 4.0 is concerning. My readings went from a 4.30 to a 4.48 which was NOT GOOD.

A short time later, another good friend, Coach Megan Riehl Ruiz urged me to pick up the book that Caterina gave me and start applying his approach to clean eating into my current regimen. 

When another friend, Coach Allison Renee Hopkins-Owen heard about how much I was enjoying my refocussed nutrition regimen, she connected me with her old classmate, Darin Olien! He’s the friggenco-creator of ‪#‎Shakeology‬ and author of the #SuperLife book that I was reading!! He took the time to clarify some things in my reading and even went as far as to look up some helpful resource materials for me to apply to my regimen.

Lastly, my best friend, Coach Janet Gille Denison stood by my side and adopted this clean eating regimen with me as an act of support, kindness, and love. It made it SO MUCH EASIER to make the adjustment. (She and I went from mostly Paleo approach,consuming meat at just about every meal, to a Vegetarian-“ish” approach eating meat no more than 2-3 times a week.

And guess what?

My PSA readings started to DECREASE! from a high of 4.48 to 3.58, to 2.99 just before my surgery .

The AWESOME thing about this is that my decreasing PSA was one of the factors attributing to my excellent prognosis. The chances of a reoccurrence will alway be there, but they are very very low.

So I just want to give thanks to my amazing Beachbody Family and Praise to GOD for bringing these and many more Angels into my life.

Do Good. Treat People with kindness and Love. Seek Personal and Spiritual development DAILY. Surround yourself with likeminded kind people. Make room in your heart and spirit to receive His favor. Trust me, HE will take care of the rest.

In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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