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LES MILLS COMBAT is available for pre-order NOW!!  YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED UNTIL THE ITEM SHIPS IN DECEMBER!! You will only be able to get this from a Beachbody Coach, so if you are reading this, click the link below to place your Pre-Order


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les mills combat

Pre-Order Les Mills Combat

What is Les Mills Combat?

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this workout, check out the trailer below.  It’s an intense, but fun 60 day cardio based workout that incorporates various Boxing and Martial Arts disciplines such as as Muay Thai, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. It’s like Jackie Chan meets Michael Jackson, lol.   Basically its a lot of VERY cool Martial Arts moves with a nice pumping beat in the back ground to keep you going!  I know I keep emphasizing how fun it is, but trust me, you’ll also burn a LOT of calories – I usually burn around 700-1000.  Additionally, a lot of the moves, especially the Muay Thai movements cause you to twist and contort your core region in unique ways – My abs, obliques and serratus anterior muscles really get a nice workout.

What’s really exciting is that everything that I’ve described is just from the one DVD that my wife and I purchased, along with what we learned at our live workout session with them.  I can’t wait to see what they’ve packed into the full multi disc format!


Les Mills Combat Q&A’s

Preorder Les Mills Combat

When can I Preorder my Les Mills Combat?

 You will only be able to place your order between October 1st and October 31st.   

When will the Les Mills Combat be released?

They are scheduled to be released in December, so pre-ordering now will guarantee that you’ll be the first to receive your copy.

Are there any other advantages of pre-ordering Les Mills Combat?

When you Pre-Order, you’ll get FREE shipping (when it ships).  You’ll also get an exclusive LES MILLS COMBAT bonus DVD.  Beachbody does not skimp on the bonus DVDs.  I’ve been very pleased the the bonus DVDs from the other programs.  Insanity’s Fast and Furious and P90X’ Road Warrior are two examples of VERY good bonus DVDs.  

Will Les Mills Combat have packages that I can choose from?

Absolutely, view the picture below for a description the three packages that will be available as well as their corresponding price.  As always, Club Members receive a 10% discount and Coaches receive a 25% discount.

Les Mills Combat



Will Motivated Fitness host any Les Mills Combat Challenge Groups?

You better believe it!  We plan to hold both local and on line Fitness Challenge Accountability Groups.  This will help you to maximize your results with this program.  Click on the link below and register for our Challenge Group.  We’ll not only notify you the day that Les Mills COMBAT is released, we’ll throw in a free sample of the Beachbody E&E Thermogenic Pre-workout formula.  

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Why will I love Les Mills Combat?

Trust me on this, I was very skeptical about this because I was a little burned out on the slow pace of Kenpo X.  That quickly changed  when my wife and and I went to the Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas.  We had a Pre-Order Les Mills Combatchance to work out live with Les Mills Crew and almost immediately, I was hooked!   Wow, talk about up beat and fun!  By the end of the workout, we were dripping with sweat, but the trainers had so much high energy and intensity we wanted more!  When we returned home, we immediately bought the Les Mills PUMP bonus pack because it contained a Les Mills Combat DVD workout.  Once it arrived on our doorstep, it’s been a stable in our weekly workouts ever since.

I have a Crush on Rachael

Pre-Order Les Mills CombatYes, I know it’s not a question and should not be in Q&A, but I had to fit this in somewhere in this blog, lol.   I’m not gonna lie, Rachel is definitely eye candy and I love her swagger!  (My wife has a crush on Dan and every dude in PUMP, so we are even, lol).   Both Rachel and Dan Cohen are experts in various martial arts disciplines and will definitely challenge you throughout this high energy workout.  


 Sign up for our MotivatedFitness Les Mills Combat Challenge and receive a Free Sample of The Beachbody E&E Pre-workout Thermogenic to burn even more calories!


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