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Understanding, implementing, and sticking to your nutrition plan will all but guarantee positive results with your fitness program.  While the first two steps are not two difficult to accomplish, its the “sticking to it” that gives a lot of people difficulty.  



So what’s the secret to staying true to your nutrition plan?  There are a few, but let me share with you the most important.  

Replace the “Good Tasting Unhealthy Food” with “Good Tasting Healthy Food”.

That’s it! Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it?  Well, the challenging part lies in the second half of the above equation.  While there are no shortcuts to this.  It gets a LOT easier once you learn to embrace the following:  VARIETY, PATIENCE, EXPERIMENTATION, SHARING, and most importantly, eating only what TASTES GOOD to you!!!  When you try something that is not very tasty, give it a couple more tries.  If it is still not tasty, don’t sweat it!!  There are plenty of other tasty and healthy foods out there that just waiting to be discovered by YOU!!

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite dishes that I’ve learned along my fitness journey.  Some of the dishes are from your’s truly and others are from my fitness buddies who’ve graciously allow me to share.

I love experimenting with new healthy dishes and sharing them for all of you to try… put your mouse over the tab Recipes and a pull down list will come up, then just click on any recipe that sounds good and you would like to try.

Please feel free to comment below with any recipes you would like to share  Ill post them on my blog and put you down are the one who suggested it … FUN !! Love sharing stuff I love!


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