Request a FREE Shakeology Sample

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Are you interested in trying Shakeology? I have Shakeology Samples available to those I coach who are serious about Shakeology, but would like to try the taste of it first before they purchase. I will be able to send you a free sample, on my own dime, if you please follow the four steps I provided below. Once completely, fill out the form and submit it to me so I can be in touch and have your sample in the mail as soon as possible. Thanks team!


Step One: 

You MUST make me your official Beachbody Coach:

  • * Please note I will check to make sure I am your coach before sending


Step Two: 

You MUST watch these videos:

Shakeology Ingredients: “What’s In It?”:   Shakeology Ingredients: “Super Foods”


Step Three:

You MUST be serious about Shakeology. It cost me money from my own pocket to send you a sample from my own personal Shakeology collection.

I can’t afford to just send sample to anyone who wants to try it, so please only request a sample if you are committed to purchasing Shakeology if you like the taste of it.

Also, notice that Shakeology is a complete meal replacement that cost $120/month (or $89/month as a coach). If you use Shakeology as intended, to replace meals, it will easily justify the cost and not only save you money, but promote better and faster results. Are you committed to trying Shakeology?


Will The Free Shakeology Sample Make a Difference?
Well, probably not since you’re only trying it once. Shakeology needs to be taken daily for at least a week before it really starts to get to work for you. A sample packet will only give you a taste. I recommend you go to the purchase Shakeology and buy a bag of the other flavor of Shakeology on auto ship.

Vanilla Shakeology & Vegan Chocolate are my absolute favorite flavors. Since Beachbody gives you a 30 day money back guarantee on Shakeology its kind of like your getting 31 free Shakeology samples! If you don’t think Shakeology did anything for you then return it for a full refund from Beachbody and you get to keep the one I sent you. This is the only way you’ll get to know if it works for you.


Step Four:

Fill out and submit the following form to receive your Shakeology Sample.