What’s in Shakeology

Tony Horton Explains What’s in Shakeology…

Is Shakeology Expensive?

In my honest opinion…“NO!”, Take a look at the above video by P90X Creator, Tony Horton. He explains the ingredients of Shakeology and the price breakdown of it. Trust me, jot down some of the ingredients and the next time you go to your whole foods store, take note of the prices — Heck, you may have a very difficult time finding some of the ingredients listed, as some are not that readily available. My teenaged daughter laughs every time she watches this video. It’s definitely a hoot, and moreover, it effectively puts into perspective ow much of a value Shakeology really is.

My Favorite Shakeology Recipe

Here’s a fun video of me trying my favorite shakeology recipe with Coach Ayana


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