Star Fruit.. Have you Tried it?

10649819_10203342993949609_4915510244848390747_nToday is DAY 2 of our “Expand Your Palette” Clean Eating Challenge.  My pck for the day was Star Fruit.

Not sure what the heck in talking about? The next time you shop, make a bee line to the produce section and head for the kiwi, papayas, and those tiny “itty bitty” bananas. Chances are, you’ll find our friend the star fruit near by.

Ok, let’s talk nutrition.

According to NutritionAndYou, this fruit packed with insoluble fiber, vitamin C, and B-complex. In addition it’s rich in phytonutrients which helps to boost your immune system.

So how does it taste?

Don’t let the waxy exterior fool ya. The inside has the consistency of a sliced orange but has a uniquely sweet flavor of it’s own. Its a cross between an orange and a….  gosh, it’s hard to explain.  All I know is that I absolutely LOVE it!!  I can only imagine what this tastes like where it is natively grown.


Too much of this fruit can increase the likely hood of kidney stones.  It also has a high content of Oxalic acid which, according to NutritionAndYou, has been considered a “…anti-nutrient compound as it interferes with absorption and metabolism of several natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc.”  This is the first time I’ve issued a warning about a fruit!   Never the less, try it and if you like it, consume in moderation.

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