T25 Challenge

T25 Challenge

Ok family, who wants some a HUGE Boost in Motivation towards their fitness goals this Summer?

With Summer in mid swing, kids out of school, vacation coming up, etc. how the heck are you going to keep on top of your fitness and nutrition goals? Well, let me share with you what in doing… T25. I want to extend an invite to the first 30 people who want to join me.

Beachbody’s new T25 workout was just released and it’s only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 10 weeks. There’s no equipment to buy, so this can travel with you anywhere. The test group results are VERY impressive, I’m talking insanity level results in just 25 minutes a day. If you are not in great shape now, that’s ok because it starts with an Alpha Phase for beginners and they also have modified moves.

I’ve tried out a couple of the workouts and have committed to not letting Summer derail my efforts.

In want to help you reach your goals this summer. Consider joining our new T25 Challenge. It begins July 8th. If you are interested, click the links below.

** Purchase Options **


==>  $180 T25 Challenge Pack (program + one month of Shakeology)
* After July 31st the price goes up to $205 
==> $120 – T25 Base Program


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