T25 Day 1


Wow, the wife and I just came back from the Beachbody Vegas Summit and it was a whirlwind of amazing fun to say the least.  

One of the major highlights of the trip was the opportunity to workout out LIVE with ShaunT and his latest workout T25.  As the name implies, the workouts are only 25 minutes long, but you still get the full benefit of an intense workout Insanity or Asylum.  The test group photos were VERY impressive… All from just 25 minutes a day!  

T25 has a “modifier” which I REALLY like because I’ve had way too many friends and clients get injured in Insanity because they pushed a little too hard and wavered on proper form.  Whenever you compromise proper form, you are leaving the door wide open to injury.  so, with that said, the modifier is a GREAT asset to have, as we have the option of turning down the throttle a bit while still getting a good workout in.

T25 Phases

Another interesting difference is that T25 is divided into three phases, each being 5 weeks in length.  The Alpha Phase is more of a foundation.  The main emphasis of this phase is a focus on proper form and technique.  

The Beta Phase is what my wife and I had a taste of in Vegas. THAT was no joke… it really pushed me to my limits.   This phase focuses on core training and introduces full body drills, push-ups, one hand burpees, etc… all of the things you are used to in Insanity, but with a few new moves like the one handed burpee that will really test your limits.    

The Gamma Phase is not included in the Base kit and needs to be purchased separately.  It’s focus is mainly strength training and introduces weighted resistance….  Nothing really heavy, but trust me, 20lbs will feel like 100lbs when ShaunT gets through with you..  lol.

T25 Day 1

OK, so here is  video of me doing T25 Day 1 “Cardio”.  I’ll upload videos of each day of my T25 journey, so make sure to stay tuned.  



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