T25 Review – Day 2: Speed 1.0

T25 Review – Day 2: Speed 1.0

Wow, I really enjoyed today’s workout.  It was fun, effective, and very challenging.  I can’t believe that I was sweating so much after only 25 minutes!  

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The official description of this programs reads: “This fast paced cardio workout improves speed and focuses on stretching, stability, and sweat.  Its your foundation for all Speed workouts.”  No equipment is needed for this.

One interesting note is that this workout included Burpees.  I honestly thought that Burpees would not get introduced until the Beta Phase.  Another interesting note is that the the first 15 minutes involve a speed/power move, followed by a stretching sequence — I like this as it provides a HIIT effect.  I’m not sure if that is what they were going for, but I love it!

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I know this is crazy but I did a P90X2 workout just before this T25 workout.  I’m just afraid to lose any of my size.  If it were not for this review, I’d probably just do the T25 workouts on my cardio days.

Later this week, I’ll take a closer look at the nutrition guide and see how that compares to the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide.

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