What to look for in a Beachbody Coach

What to Look For in a Beachbody Coach

A Few Things to Consider:

After just 72 hours of joining a team as a Beachbody Coach, you are pretty much locked in to the team you have chosen.  The only way to switch coaches is to cancel your account for 6 MONTHS.   So, make sure to take a moment to think about the individual and team that you are looking to join.  Remember, you are creating a business and in this case, you’ve pretty much only got one shot to get this right.  Before you join any team, I’ve jotted down a few things to consider.  

Is there an Established Training Program in Place?  Make sure you pick a coach the has a firm understanding of the business and has an established training method in place.  Ask the coach what you should expect in the first 30 days. Ask them about how they will help you establish your short term and intermediate Goals and set a specific Action Plan for you?

What is the Coach’s Rank?   Beachbody rankings are Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Star Diamond.  I understand that a person’s Rank will not give a complete picture of that person’s ability and potential to help and support you in your journey as a coach; however, it does indicate the person’s understanding of the company, training methods, and their ability to get you started off right.  If the coach you are looking for is not a Diamond level coach, ask who their Diamond coach is and what specific role they will play in your training and development.

Ask to sit in on one of their weekly Team Calls.  Most Beachbody Teams will either have a Team Call, or at least be connected to an upline that provides this.  This is a really good indication of the team’s commitment to ongoing training and providing a means by which the team stays connected.

What Beachbody Facebook groups they belong to?  This will give an indication as to how this coach is engaged in the Beachbody Community.  Who are they working with?  Who are they helping?  Do they have their own Facebook group(s) setup?  Are the people in these groups engaged?  How active is the page?

Ask them about of their success stories? Do they have pictures of people they’ve helped in their fitness and financial Journey?

Ask them about the last 3 Professional Development Books they’ve Read.  Beachbody is HUGE on professional development and I can honestly say that I have never run into a successful Coach that was not constantly engaged in some type of Professional Development.

Ask them if they a have either gone to or have already registered for Beachbody Summit.  This is a huge indication of their commitment to the business.  The Beachbody Summit is an annual event currently held in Las Vegas.  To be honest, I did not to go my first year, and was reluctant to go this past summer — I am so happy I made the decision to go.  It was a HUGE game changer me, and this marked the moment when this “coaching opportunity” started to get REAL for me.   Training from top notch coaches, meeting fellow coaches that I interacted with on Facebook, and working out with the top Beachbody trainers made this a phenomenal experience for me.  Long story short, a few weeks after Summit, I made Diamond.

These are questions that any seasoned coach will have no problems answering without any hesitation. Even if they are a relatively new coach as well, you want to make sure that they are connected to a strong Diamond upline coach who is equally committed to your success.

I can pretty much guarantee you that our team has all of the above areas covered and will make sure that will we do everything possible to put you in the best possible position to become successful as a Beachbody Coach.  Join my Team Today!

In This Together,

Coach Eric Hollingsworth
P90X, PiYo Certified Fitness Coach

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